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The main office is located in Moscow, but we have delivery to any city.
More than 30 official manufacturers in different cities! More than 400 independent production of car mats made out of our material!


The production of EVA mats openly


Representatives in different cities of Russia


Orders from each manufacturer per day


Kits are made in 2018

from 2100

The average cost of a set of AutoCorrect at retail

9 of 10

Mats are made from our EVA sheets

Contacts: EVALIST.RU

8 (499) 130-85-29 Polina, office, for all questions

8 (903) 130-86-29 Ksenia, material, shipment of orders

8 (965) 111-50-11 Alexander, running a business is new customers

8 (903) 502-90-50 Dennis, the guide offers straight to your Inbox


Orders and inquiries mail:

Office: Moscow, lobnenskaya str., 21

From 9-30 to 18-30 Moscow time

Warehouse № 1: Moscow, Korovinskoe shosse, 35 p 4

Warehouse №2: Barnaul, Popova, 242

ONLINE STORE - a company selling material and equipment for sewing EVA car mats!

The wholesale and retail company EVALIST has extensive practical experience in creating, organizing and promoting a business for the production of EVA car mats that are gaining popularity. What is an obvious advantage for you, you can organize your business in the shortest possible time and with minimal investment, since it is experience in this field that plays a significant role. You will learn how and where it is profitable to purchase everything you need to start, get high-quality material, learn the subtleties of manufacturing car mats and options for marketing finished products, we will tell you all about the production of car mats. Today, EVALIST is one of the leading companies in the field of EVA car mats.
Building a business with us is beneficial for you.

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