Instructions for the production of car mats EVA

We make an order!

After the call or mail order, for the manufacture of EVA car mats, we quickly process it! To begin with, we specify the brand, model and year of the car. Then we check if this car is in the base of electronic or cardboard patterns. If there are no patterns, then it is necessary to measure the size of a real car. Well, if there are patterns for the necessary car, then we continue on. It is necessary to clarify at the customer the color of the material Eva and the color of the edging of future floor mats. Specify the kit. Still do not forget about fasteners: universal eyelets, standard fasteners, or velcro. It all depends on the car and the wishes of the customer. And the final moment, we coordinate with the client the date and time at which the order will be ready!

  • Estimated time 1-5 minutes
  • "A satisfied customer leads 2 friends."

Preparing the curve

In the case of the absence of patterns on the necessary car, you need to measure, for this you need a sheet of paper of A1 format and a marker. Place the paper at the location of the carpet inside the car and circle the contour of the floor with a felt-tip pen. Such patterns are recognized as the most suitable and accurate. Since they are made with the wishes of the customer! In the presence of patterns in electronic form, proceed to print them. The first option is to print the templates on a wide printer on A1 sheets, this can be done in any advertising agency or in a large format printing center. The second option, print on a regular printer, tiles, indicating the original scale. Then cut and glue to make a piece. Next, transfer it to a cardboard, permanent media and save until the next time.

  • Estimated time 3-15 minutes
  • "The more patterns you have in the database, the more orders"

Cutting mats

Take a sheet of EVA material of the desired color. We lay it on the cutting table with the smooth side up, honeycombs down. We arrange patterns to minimize Eva sheet residues. Attach the curve and circle it with a white marker. It is important not to confuse, mirror images! When the whole set of patterns is transferred to the sheet Eva, we begin to cut out future car mats. Cut to a right angle. This can be done both with ordinary and professional electric scissors.

  • Estimated time 3-7 minutes
  • "For all cars individual floor mats in the form of the cabin"

Make edging

Now alternately proceed to the edging, already cut blanks from EVA sheet. Edging color specified in the order, the most popular - black! It is better to start the edging from the bottom of the rug, edging with the smooth side up! Sew Velcro, if it was specified in the order. The edging gives a finished and beautiful look to the rugs. Kant lays down smoothly and efficiently on our tillers.

  • Estimated time 3-10 minutes
  • "As a rule, in the presence of at least 8 popular colors edging"

Install the mount

In addition to velcro, eva mats are mounted on universal (metal) eyelets and plastic hooks. The grommets in the mat are installed using a special press, which has the necessary nozzles. Also, EVA floor mats are fixed with the help of standard mounts, which were originally provided in the car, but, unfortunately, such mounts for car mats are found not in all cars. We will show you how and where to use fixtures.

  • Estimated time 1-2 minutes
  • "A securely fixed mat, this is driver and passenger safety"

We give rugs to the client

And here is a set of EVA car mats ready! Just in time, we give a set of EVA floor mats to the customer, or with it we try on new EVA floor mats. We remove old carpets and put EVA floor mats that are perfect in size and are fixed in the cabin. You should see customer's satisfied emotions. Do not forget to take a picture of your work, a ready-made set of EVA floor mats in the passenger compartment. Share photos with future customers. In the case of a remote order, for example, from another city. Securely pack the finished set of autofinals from EVA material. We send it by a transport company or a Russian post office, whatever is convenient for the customer.

  • Estimated time 1-3 minutes
  • The total time spent on the "kit" from 12 to 42 minutes.

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